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BlackCharge 2.0 Mobiele Lader incl. LCD Type 2 naar Schuko

BlackCharge 2.0 Mobiele Lader incl. LCD Type 2 naar Schuko

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Waterproof home charger/mobile charger type 2 Mennekes 6A 8A 10A 13A 16A

What are the advantages of this charger?

Cable length of 5/10/15 or 20 meters: you choose the length yourself so that you can always easily reach your car with this mobile charging station

Charging speed up to 16A instead of the standard 10A home chargers, so the battery is full faster

Equipped with CE quality mark and IP 66 so you can always charge safely

Charger has a type B (NEN1010) earth leakage and high-quality TPE cable (often not the case with other providers!)

Robust, accidentally driving over the home charger is no problem with this model

What should you pay attention to?

NB: There are several counterfeit chargers on the market that work without a memory function, our chargers are equipped with a display with a memory function. This way you don't have to set the power supply every time, but you can enjoy a Plug & Play system without any worries!

Internal kWh meter cannot be used to settle electricity costs with employer/tax authorities. This is not MID certified

Not all sockets are suitable for long-term charging at 13A or 16A. Some sockets are only allowed to charge 10A. Always have your installation checked by a professional to ensure that charging at that speed is safe.

The mobile charger 16A without LCD screen can only be used on a free 16A group. This mobile charger is not adjustable, it always charges at 16A. For the memory function, choose the 5, 10, 15 or 20 meter charger including display.

Our shipping times are always an ultimate indication. We ship all orders no later than the next working day, including track and trace.

Do you want to be able to charge your electric car without immediately purchasing a complete charging station? Then this waterproof home charger (also called mobile charger) is the ideal solution. With this charger you can simply charge by plugging the plug into a normal wall socket. This can be done at home, at the office or at the campsite, so that you can charge your electric car wherever you want. Since the mobile charger is also fully adjustable, you can be sure that you can charge easily and safely, even when there is relatively little voltage available on the group.

Why do you choose a home charger?

This home charger has been awarded class IP 66, which distinguishes it from other mobile charging stations. In concrete terms, this means that the mobile charger can handle 100 liters of water per minute. One of the biggest advantages of this charger is the charging speed, which is fully adjustable, from 1.4 kW to 3.7 kW. This means that the mobile charger can also be connected to a group to which, for example, a refrigerator or washing machine is already connected; then you simply reduce the charging speed a bit. Is the group empty or are no other devices used at night? Then you set the charging speed to maximum.

Can I use this home charger anywhere?

The mobile home charger can be used anywhere, unless you want to charge at full 16A. To achieve this, the socket must meet a number of requirements. Naturally, the first requirement is that the socket is connected to a group that actually supplies 16A. In addition, the socket must be in good condition. Is it a worn or damaged electrical outlet? Then we strongly advise against increasing the charging speed. This can cause the socket to melt and create a fire hazard.

If you are charging elsewhere and the socket looks good, but you do not want to take unnecessary risks (for example because you are going to sleep), first calculate how quickly you need to charge to get the battery to the desired charge for the next morning. . You can often get by with a slightly lower charging speed, especially if that means more safety.

Optimal charging with this home charger

If you want to charge as quickly as possible, make sure that the wall socket at home or at the office is connected to an empty group, or a group to which no major consumers are connected. If you want to charge at 16A, a completely empty group is of course the best option, because this way you can use the full voltage to charge the car.


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